Employee Spotlight - Dr. Elena Tsimakouridze

Elena is on the Partnerships Team in the Partner Success role working closely with our partners to help manage the delivery of drug discovery projects. Before joining Cyclica, she worked at science-based startups servicing corporate clients by leading projects and providing subject matter expertise in sleep and circadian rhythms. Elena holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences, University of Guelph, 2017, where she investigated the potential applications of circadian rhythms to heart disease diagnosis and treatment in proof-of-concept animal disease models using pathophysiological and molecular biology techniques. Additionally, she has attained her PMP certification (PMI, 2022) and has been finding many opportunities to apply the new skills in her current role.

What’s your role at Cyclica?

In the role of Partner Success on the Partnerships Team, I work closely with our partners on drug discovery projects managing the relationship and communicating across multiple teams internally to ensure Partner needs are met while providing a smooth overall experience and maintaining a long-lasting positive relationship. I work most closely with the Drug Discovery Scientists, who deliver the project's scientific aspects, while I manage the partner relationship and project management tasks. My role allows me to follow through the project from start to finish from a big picture perspective as I get to see all the smaller pieces fall into place and work across several aspects covered by the project work that is supported by Legal, Drug Discovery, Platforms, and other teams. 

What do you like about working at Cyclica? PXL_20220509_225458055

Cyclica works hard to promote good people culture, ensuring that the employees’ feedback is heard and addressed, employee needs are met, and providing the support and flexibility for us  to do our best work while also being able to take care of life events. More specifically, in my role, I enjoy working at a leading drug discovery company at the cutting edge of science and AI technology and the opportunity to collaborate on impactful projects with international Partners. Furthermore, from a professional development standpoint, I am grateful that during my first year at Cyclica, I was encouraged and supported to take a course on project management and obtain my PMP certification. On a personal level, I enjoy working at Cyclica because of the people - my team and colleagues are helpful, positive, collaborative, insightful, thoughtful, and thorough - leading to a great work environment, which I’m truly proud to be a part of. 

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I enjoy organizing scientific conferences on topics I’m passionate about. During my Ph.D., to better understand the next steps to pursue my non-linear career path, I have spearheaded the organization of specific sections of scientific conferences to focus on careers outside of academia and bring in speakers for the sessions. I am passionate about helping graduates in scientific fields to find professional career paths that are most likely to be pursued outside of academia. 

What do you like to do when you aren’t at work?

I enjoy various activities including hosting boardgame dinner nights for friends (with my partner’s cooking!) and playing video games (I’m a sucker for frustrating platformers and puzzle games!). I also love building small wooden / lego models, reading sci-fi/ fantasy and non-fiction books, and being active with hiking, camping, biking, and running. 

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